Vi holder lukket henover påsken, men vender tilbage tirsdag d. 11 med et svar på din låneansøgning

Grundet tekniske problemer med vores telefonsystem kan vi i øjeblikket kun kontaktes på tlf: +45 89 87 37 04, email: eller på hjemmesidens chat. Vi beklager ulejligheden!

Natten mellem den 22. og 23. august, opdaterer vi vores systemer. Det kan forkomme, at man ikke kan sende ansøgninger.  Opdatering er skemalagt at vare fra kl 23.00 til kl 02.00. Hvis i oplever dette bedes i forsøge igen efter dette tidsrum.

What is Qred?

Qred is the new way to finance investments in your company. All businesses that are active can apply for up to 2.000.000 dkk without going to a bank. Your application is handled within an hour, and your funds are paid out the same day. You pay a fixed fee for every month you hold the loan, there are no hidden fees, and you can pre-pay when you want to (you only pay for the months you keep the loan). The monthly fee is set individually based on your company's qred-score. Each month you pay a fixed fee and a fraction of the amount you borrowed as amortisation. No interest or other fees. Convenient, right? Looking for inspiration, and how other companies have worked with Qred? Have a look at some of the company's we highlight and interview in our blog!


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