Vi holder lukket henover påsken, men vender tilbage tirsdag d. 11 med et svar på din låneansøgning

Grundet tekniske problemer med vores telefonsystem kan vi i øjeblikket kun kontaktes på tlf: +45 89 87 37 04, email: eller på hjemmesidens chat. Vi beklager ulejligheden!

Natten mellem den 22. og 23. august, opdaterer vi vores systemer. Det kan forkomme, at man ikke kan sende ansøgninger.  Opdatering er skemalagt at vare fra kl 23.00 til kl 02.00. Hvis i oplever dette bedes i forsøge igen efter dette tidsrum.


We offer a safe and secure corporate loan

With Qred Bank AB you can be safe. No unexpected surprises with a fixed monthly fee where you only pay for the months you use the loan.

Highest security

We take integrity and security very seriously. Your information is always secure and that no unauthorized person can access your information.

Bank standard

We use the same security solutions as the world's leading banks and all data is encrypted with some of the strongest encryption methods available. We work with leading experts and partners in the security area.

Continuous follow-up

We work consistently with leading companies in the security industry and authorities to counter fraud and data breaches. Therefore, you should feel safe with us and not have to worry about safety.

We do not save passwords

Neither we nor our partners have access to your login information and can not change information or carry out transactions from your bank account.

Verified security

All communication between Qred Bank AB and your browser is encrypted with 256-bit SSL-verified from Geotrust, a world leader in online security. You can feel safe when you use Qred Bank AB and see the green address bar - just like at your regular bank.


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